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High-Reliability Health Care: Getting There from Here

Tuesday September 17, 2013


A new article in The Milbank Quarterly urges hospitals to make the substantial changes that will be needed to achieve the ultimate goal of zero patient harm by adapting lessons from high-risk industries. The article “High-Reliability Health Care: Getting There from Here,” was written by Drs. Mark R. Chassin and Jerod M. Loeb, The Joint Commission.
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Hand-off communication is an issue that everyone has recognized as a problem, but no one has found the solution. Being part of the Hand-Off Communications work group is an opportunity for us to work with some of the best organizations in health care to help move patient safety and quality ahead; and that is an opportunity that Partner HealthCare could not pass up.
Terrence O’Malley, M.D. - Medical Director
Partners HealthCare System, Inc.

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To transform health care into a high-reliability industry by developing highly effective, durable solutions to health care’s most critical safety and quality problems in collaboration with health care organizations, by disseminating the solutions widely, and by facilitating their adoption.

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