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Saturday 2:29 CST, April 29, 2017

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Corporate Sponsorship Programs at a Glance

The Center for Transforming Healthcare’s mission to transform health care into a high-reliability industry is an ongoing journey. But we can’t get there without the generous support of our sponsors. Join the journey today via the Center’s enterprise-wide Corporate Sponsorship Programs designed to help you reach your target audience–while supporting the goal of getting to zero patient harm.

Sponsor benefits include networking opportunities and recognition via a variety of media platforms and special events. Sponsorship opportunities range from “entry level” and up, and benefits vary based on commitment level.

CTH Corporate Sponsorship Benefits

  • Preferred Access to Enterprise Speakers Bureau
  • Exclusive meetings with CTH leadership and staff            
  • Recognition at “Close Out & Celebration” of CTH projects
  • Subject Matter experts conference calls
  • CTH hosted corporate partners reception
  • Partner logo displayed at CTH headquarters on recognition wall
  • License to use CTH marks/logos    
  • Partner logo in CTH Annual Report
  • CTH "Proud Partner" seal for use by Partner to display at conferences and events
  • CTH/JC press release announcing relationship
  • Partner Logo on CTH landing page
  • Partner logo with link on CTH donor page
  • Partner logo  on JCR and CTH Facebook pages
  • Partner logo and text recognition via and CTH Twitter feeds
  • License to co-brand CTH project home page
  • License to co-brand CTH project materials: i.e., print, video,  podcasts

For more details about our Corporate Sponsorship Programs, please contact Gina Goggio at


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