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Friday 5:25 CST, December 14, 2018


Targeted Solutions Tool ®- Submit a Question

Contact Information

Using the TST®

Technical Requirements

Targeted Solutions Tool ®

Contact Information

Q:  Who do I contact with any questions about the TST®?

A:  Call Joint Commission Customer Service at (630) 792-5800 or send an e-mail to with your name, organization name and organization location. Center staff will respond to your e-mail within two business days.



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Using the TST®

Q: How do I get access to the Targeted Solutions Tool®?

A. The process to gain access to a Center TST® tool is:

  • Staff at a Joint Commission accredited organization that do not have an Extranet log-in can request access from the Center website using  the ”Request Access” button on the TST® page:
  • A TST® registration page will be displayed.  Staff will select their organization, enter demographic and email address information, and submit their TST access request.
  • The email address on the TST® access request will be validated against the email domains on file for their organization.  
  • For TST® access requests with email domains on file for the organization, the requestor will be given a login and password.  This login and password will only allow access to the TST® tool. 
  • The TST® login and password will be emailed to the requester.  The requestor will be prompted to update their password when they first login.  This step confirms the TST® requestor is using a valid, active email address.


If staff members already have access to the TST® and would like to request access to one of their organization’s projects, they can find their desired project within the TST® and click on “Request Access”. The project leader will receive an email advising of the request to join the project.

Q: Will information that I enter into the Target Solutions Tool® be made public?

A: No. Organization specific information will not be made public. It is confidential and is for your organization’s use only. It will not be used in the accreditation process. Aggregated de-identified compliance information may be made available.


Q: Will using or not using the Targeted Solutions Tool® affect my Joint Commission accreditation?

A: No. Any information entered into the TST® is kept confidential and will not be used in the accreditation process. An accreditation surveyor would have no way of knowing that an organization is using the TST® unless the organization shares this voluntarily. However, if an organization chooses to use their TST® work as part of their annual proactive risk assessment, then proof of use will be necessary.




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Technical Requirements

Q:  What software does my computer need to use the Targeted Solutions Tool®?

A:  The TST® works best with the following applications and settings. You may want to consult with your company’s technical support before making changes to your PC or if you are unsure about your current settings.

Preferred browser Internet Explorer 9.0 or above 
If you have earlier versions of IE, some features may not work.
Windows requirements Windows 2003 or above (XP, Vista, Windows 7)
Microsoft Office 2003 or above (for some downloads)
High speed Internet connection is preferred
Needed plug-ins Adobe Reader 8 or above
Adobe Flash Player
Windows Media Player
Without these, you may not have access to videos or PDFs.
Supported tablets iPad
Screen resolution Minimum setting of 1024 x 768 pixels
1. Go to the Start Menu in the lower left corner of your screen
2. Scroll up to Settings
3. Select the Control Panel option
4. Double click on the Display icon
5. Click on the Settings tab
6. In the box titled Desktop Area, move the slider to 1024 x 768 or higher
Avoid inactivity timeout Save every 20 minutes
Allow pop-ups Some applications require “pop-up” windows:
1. Click on the Tools menu
2. Click on Pop-up Blocker Settings. If this isn’t listed, you have a third-party pop-up blocker (see below).
3. Type in and click Add
Third-party pop-up blockers can prevent you from getting pop-up windows. The most common are Google Toolbar, Yahoo! Toolbar, MSN Search Toolbar, and Norton Internet Security. Determine what pop-up blocker you are using, find its list of allowed sites, and add


Q:  How do I correct errors on screen displays in the Targeted Solutions Tool®?

A:  Older Internet browsers may not display TST® windows properly. Determine if your computer browser is Internet Explorer 7 or above; if it is not, contact your organization’s IT department for a browser upgrade.

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