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Wednesday 11:37 CST, March 21, 2018

Oro™ 2.0 Resource Library Preview


The Oro™ 2.0 Resource Library provides more than 125 references and tools to help organizations learn about the 14 component areas of performance within the High Reliability Maturity Model.  Below is a sampling of the types of items you’ll find within the ever expanding Resource Library. Request access and start increasing your knowledge about high reliability in health care today!

Video: Why High Reliability Matters




Join the Journey…


The road to high reliability is an ongoing journey. It’s a commitment to patient safety and the way we deliver quality health care. So join the journey and let Oro™ 2.0 and the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare guide you every step of the way.



Questions? Contact us at 630.792.5800 or e-mail to find out more about Oro™ 2.0 today!

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Video: Why High Reliability Matters

Oro™ 2.0 Resource Library

  • Provides references and tools that will help organizations learn more about each of the 14 components within the High Reliability Maturity Model.
  • These references and tools may be used to advance in areas of opportunity identified by the Assessment
  • Includes an Action Plan template to document your next steps in areas of opportunity or for strategic focus.

What is Oro™ 2.0

Oro™ 2.0 is an online organizational assessment with resources designed to guide hospital leadership through the high reliability journey, specifically within the areas of:

  • Leadership Commitment
  • Safety Culture
  • Performance Improvement

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Teaming Up

Zero Harm is what drives us. Collaboration is how we get there.

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