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About Oro™ 2.0 High Reliability Assessment & Resources

At the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare, our mission to transform health care into a high reliability industry by developing effective solutions to health care’s most critical safety and quality problems continues the quest for achieving the gold standard in health care. Why? Because, along with our participating hospitals and organizations, we believe high reliability in health care means consistent excellence in quality and safety for every patient, every time.

Now Available: Oro™ 2.0
Oro™ 2.0 is an online organizational assessment with resources designed to guide hospital leadership throughout the high reliability journey, specifically within the areas of:

  • Leadership Commitment
  • Safety Culture
  • Robust Process Improvement

The discoveries made throughout the Oro™ 2.0 process help organizations identify their high reliability maturity level and opportunities for improvement. A detailed summary report complete with resources help further the organization’s maturity level.

Why Use Oro™ 2.0?

  • Allows senior leaders in a hospital to evaluate their readiness for and advancement toward high reliability and the goal of zero preventable harm.

  • Provides crucial, leading indicator information about strengths, opportunities, and potential investment strategies for achieving performance.

  • Provides references and tools that will help users learn more about high reliability in health care.

  • Is complimentary to Joint Commission domestic customers and separate from accreditation. Surveyors do not have access to data in Oro™ 2.0.

Oro™ 2.0 Timeline at a Glance

How long will it take to complete the Oro™ 2.0 High Reliability Organizational Assessment?
It typically takes an organization about one month from start to finish, but with organizational commitment you can complete it within one week.

What is involved in this process?
The process consists of two parts: 1) establish where you are now, as an organization and 2) planning for your High Reliability Journey

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Join the Journey…

The road to high reliability is an ongoing journey. It’s a commitment to patient safety and the way we deliver quality health care. So join the journey and let Oro™ 2.0 and the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare guide you every step of the way.


Questions? Contact us at 630.792.5800 or e-mail to find out more about Oro™ 2.0 today!