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Wednesday 11:20 CST, March 21, 2018

Participating Institution Details

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

For more than a century, Johns Hopkins has been recognized as a leader in patient care, medical research and teaching. Today, Johns Hopkins Medicine is known for its excellent faculty, nurses and staff specializing in every aspect of medical care. The Johns Hopkins Health System includes four acute-care hospitals and programs for local, national and international patient activities. Patient safety is central to our mission and is seen in the many programs and initiatives dedicated to that end.  By analyzing and redesigning treatment processes with the help of Lean and Six Sigma through our Center for Innovation in Quality Patient Care, we have had considerable success in ensuring a high degree of patient safety, significantly reducing medical errors, and increasing the efficiency of our clinical operations.  We are delighted to participate with peer organizations in the Joint Commission’s new Center for Transforming Healthcare and we share their belief that robust process improvement TM is what is needed to move the nation’s healthcare delivery system forward.

Contact Name:Gary M. Stephenson, MS, Senior Associate Director, Media Relations & Public Affairs
Contact Phone:410-955-5384
Contact Name:Richard O. Davis, Ph.D.,VP for Innovation and Patient Safety
Contact Phone:410-955-8311
Project Involvement
Preventing Avoidable Heart Failure HospitalizationsHand Hygiene ProjectVenous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prevention
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