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Sunday 6:36 CST, April 22, 2018

Virtua - CEO Statement


Richard P. MillerMiller_R
President and CEO


I welcomed the opportunity offered by Mark Chassin from The Joint Commission for Virtua to partner with the premier organization for improving health care safety and quality, as well as to collaborate on this important endeavor with an impressive network of healthcare providers.

Virtua was one of the first healthcare organizations to apply the Lean and Six Sigma methodology to our operations. We have had tremendous experience and success with this process during the past ten years, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to apply these tools once again to the national challenge of hand hygiene in a healthcare setting.

I applaud The Joint Commission for bringing together eight organizations for the Center for Transforming Healthcare’s inaugural project. Each organization brings unique strengths to the project that increase the analytical and learning capabilities. Rather than relying on individual organizations and separate findings, the end result of this project will be a collaborative effort blending research, applications and results, leading to the quintessential Best Practice. Ultimately, Center participants will use the research and findings from this project to build a body of knowledge for healthcare organizations across the country.

Virtua has already moved forward with the project and has benefited from the expertise of multiple disciplines including quality, organization improvement, management engineering, nursing, environmental, nutrition and respiratory services. We have identified problem areas and have responded rapidly and objectively with our systematic approach to improvement through Six Sigma: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. We have begun to witness procedural changes and positive practice. However, this is a cultural issue which will require constant attention. The true test will be marked by the measurement of sustainability through our control process, months and years from the conclusion of this project.

I am very proud that Virtua has been included in the first group of healthcare organizations to pioneer the initial project of the Center For Transforming Healthcare. As the Center moves forward with new efforts, the results will serve to expand our body of knowledge across all disciplines and continue to make healthcare reliable and safe for patients and providers. The Center’s newly developed, web-based repository for this information will create a sharing network to help organizations identify and solve national hospital-based issues.