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What is a Targeted Solutions Tool?

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The Targeted Solutions Tool® (TST®) is an online application that guides health care organizations through a step-by-step process to accurately measure their organization’s true performance level, identify the causes of performance failures, and direct them to proven solutions that are customized to address their particular causes. TST modules are now available for improving hand hygiene, hand-off communications, preventing falls, and safe surgery. All TSTs are complimentary to Joint Commission accredited organizations.

How TST Works

The web-based TST uses Robust Process Improvement® (RPI®) methodology in its design and structure without requiring any formal training. RPI is a fact-based, systematic and data-driven problem-solving approach that incorporates tools and concepts from Lean Six Sigma and formal change management methodologies. RPI tools have the depth and breadth to tackle complex and persistent problems in health care, such as hand hygiene failures and their effect on healthcare-acquired infections. You do not need RPI training or expertise to use the TST modules.

Joint Commission accredited organizations can access the TST and solutions free of charge on their secure Joint Commission Connect® extranet.


Available TSTs include:

Hand hygiene is critically important to reducing healthcare-associated infections and providing safe patient care. Unfortunately, consistent and effective hand hygiene remains an elusive goal for many health care organizations, and studies show that health care workers typically wash their hands less than 50 percent of the time. Use the Hand Hygiene TST to understand barriers to successful hand hygiene and implement evidence-based solutions that lead to reductions in healthcare-acquired infections. All TSTs are complimentary to Joint Commission accredited organizations.

The Hand Hygiene TST

Patient hand-offs take place hundreds of times a day within and between levels of care and between health care organizations. Use the Hand-off Communications TST to ensure patient information communicated by your providers and care teams is accurate, timely and complete, leading to optimal and safe patient care. All TSTs are complimentary to Joint Commission accredited organizations.

The Hand-off Communications TST

Hundreds of thousands of patients fall every year and as many as 30 to 35 percent of those patients will sustain an injury. Keep your patients safe by using the TST to systematically target why patients fall within your organization, and what strategies and solutions you can deploy to keep them safe. All TSTs are complimentary to Joint Commission accredited organizations.

The Preventing Falls TST

Wrong site, wrong patient, and wrong procedure surgeries should never occur. Yet, approximately 50 wrong site surgeries occur per week in the United States. Do you know how safe surgeries are in your organization? Use the TST to assess scheduling, pre-operative and operating room processes that add to the risks for wrong site surgeries, and implement evidence-based practices that promote safe surgery. All TSTs are complimentary to Joint Commission accredited organizations.

The Safe Surgery TST

Reducing Sepsis Mortality Targeted Solutions Tool (TST), is a web-based application to help providers reduce sepsis mortality and increase sepsis protocol compliance in pursuit of zero harm. The Reducing Sepsis Mortality TST follows a comprehensive quality improvement project that decreased mortality among the cohort by nearly 25% and a subsequent multihospital pilot that reduced mortality from nearly 20% to over 50%. When an organization has isolated its most significant causes of failure, it can then implement solutions that target the problem. All TSTs are complimentary to Joint Commission accredited organizations.

Reducing Sepsis Mortality TSTReducing Sepsis Mortality TST