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Facilitated Targeted Solutions Tool

Targeted Solutions Tools are designed to address complex issues — and sometimes complex issues need extra support. Our Facilitated Targeted Solutions Tool partners organizations with a Robust Process Improvement® (RPI®) expert to help seamlessly transition from identifying to solving these complex challenges. A Facilitated TST partnership provides step-by-step mentoring, education and support to navigate the tool, pulling in best practices and answering any questions in real time. This guided coaching is powerful, because it helps organizations more quickly, and more effectively address their challenges and gain deeper understanding of these powerful tools to address persistent health care issues.


Through webinars and coaching calls, leaders gain access to Center coaches who recognize the barriers to utilizing solutions by staff day in, day out, so that improvement benefits can be realized across their organization. Our leader-guided TSTs are 100 percent virtual, enabling leaders to engage their teams in the process without travel.

Our guided process works for each of our Targeted Solutions Tools: Reducing Sepsis Mortality, Preventing Falls, Hand Hygiene, Hand-off Communications, and Safe Surgery.


  • A Path Forward: Targeted Solutions Tools leverage previous project work and methods to intuitively help organizations identify their unique challenges to improve outcomes, but fully utilizing the solutions requires solution context, awareness to implementation risks, and change management tactics. A support partner can help you contextualize that data — and develop actionable plans to address. Our coaches can help lead the way.
  • Future Proofing: TSTs, free to any accredited organization, are an important part of any organization’s toolbox. A facilitated engagement with our coaches can provide a deeper understanding of the tool to help facilities receive more value from all TSTs in the future.
  • Team Engagement: Working closely on improvement can help teams feel more engaged and accountable to the organization’s progress.

Partner With the Center

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