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What it Does

Poor communication leads to harm. The Hand-off Communications Targeted Solutions Tool® (TST®) provides the foundation and framework of an improvement method that, if implemented well, will increase the effectiveness of how an organization communicates as a patient moves from one setting of care to another.

The Center’s Hand-off Communications TST is a web-based application designed to help health care organizations understand barriers to successful hand-offs and implement evidence-based solutions that lead to reductions in adverse events caused by faulty communication.

The TST guides organizations like yours through a step-by-step process to:

  • Accurately measure your organization’s actual performance.
  • Identify your barriers to success.
  • Direct you to proven solutions that are customized to address your organization’s particular needs.

How the Hand-off Communications TST works

The Hand-off Communications TST uses Robust Process Improvement® (RPI®) methodology in its design and structure. RPI is a fact-based, systematic and data-driven problem-solving approach that incorporates tools and concepts from Lean Six Sigma and formal change management methodologies. The Hand-off Communications TST guides organizations through a step-by-step process to: accurately measure your organization’s actual performance, identify your barriers to success, and direct you to proven solutions that are customized to your organization’s particular needs.

Bridge the Gaps Between Care Teams

In just 16 weeks, our Hand-off Communications TST can help your organization:

  • Facilitate the examination of your current hand-off communication process.
  • Provide a measurement system that produces data to support the need for improving your current hand-off communication processes.
  • Identify areas of focus, such as the specific information needed for the transition being measured.
  • Provide customizable forms for data collection.
  • Provide guidelines for most appropriate hand-off communication processes.

After using the TST, health care organizations like yours have reported increased patient, family, and staff satisfaction, more successful transfers of patients (reduced bounce backs), and improved patient safety.