What it Does

How do you know your surgical processes are as safe as they could be?

The Center’s Safe Surgery Targeted Solutions Tool® (TST®) is a web-based application designed to help health care organizations assess their scheduling, pre-operative and operating room processes, determine the risks that lead to wrong site surgeries, and implement evidence-based practices that promote safety.

How the Safe Surgery TST Works

Confidence in Your Surgical Care System

Since the occurrence of wrong site surgery is rare, with most organizations going years without an occurrence, it could take a long time to monitor the incidence of wrong site surgery for a project. However, it is possible to monitor surgical cases for weaknesses that might result in a wrong site surgery, and that is exactly what the TST for Safe Surgery does. Our Safe Surgery TST can help your organization take a critical look at your entire surgical care system, from the time a procedure is scheduled through the completion of the operation — promoting safe surgery practices critical to patient safety. It will also help you standardize practices and promote consistency in perioperative processes across multiple providers.

Additional Resources

The following additional resources are available for the Safe Surgery TST: