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John Cullinan

John T. Cullinan

Director - Data Analysis and Application Development

John Cullinan is the Director of Data Analysis and Application Development at the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare. Mr. Cullinan is responsible for the development and implementation of the Center for Transforming Healthcare’s Targeted Solutions Tool® (TST®) to allow accredited organizations to identify barriers and implement solutions to important healthcare issues such as hand hygiene, wrong site surgery, hand-off communication and preventing falls. Mr. Cullinan has been with the Joint Commission since 1996 holding various management positions prior to assuming his current position in 2009. Prior to the Joint Commission, Mr. Cullinan had twenty years' experience in IT project management in the interstate natural gas pipeline and life insurance industries.

He holds a Black Belt certification in Robust Process Improvement® (RPI®) (Lean Six Sigma and change management), and a bachelor’s degree in business from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL.