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Part of The Joint Commission Family

The Joint Commission enterprise, which includes the Center for Transforming Healthcare and its sister companies: The Joint Commission®, Joint Commission Resources®, and Joint Commission International® all have a rich history of driving performance improvement in health care. We have been pioneers in the development of critical patient safety standards, including our National Patient Safety Goals® which have reduced risk and raised the bar in care delivery across the globe. At the Center, we've applied this history and the significant lessons learned to shape our tools, training, and overall approach to working with providers just like you seeking to advance quality.   

Solutions Built for Health Care 

Our team of nationally recognized experts can help you apply state-of-the-art Robust Process Improvement® (RPI®) methods to tackle your own operational, quality, and safety challenges. That’s how we’ve built an unmatched suite of solutions — from online tools to on-site training programs — that help you effectively improve on the leadership, safety culture, and improvement challenges in your organization that block progress on the path to zero harm. Our solutions are also tailored so that gains made are sustained over the long term, a hallmark of highly reliable organizations.

Advocates in National Forums

The Center leadership team is part of an elite group of high reliability thought leaders that include the National Transportation Safety Board. Our role is to represent, advocate for, and help adapt nationally recognized high reliability principles to health care. We have also partnered with Huron, a global professional service organization to offer a series of high reliability workshops just for health care providers.

Full Suite of Solutions

From online apps that help front-line clinical staff address day-to-day quality challenges, guided assessment tools that help executive leadership understand their high reliability maturity stage, and custom-designed training programs grounded in Lean Six Sigma and change management principles — we have a solution designed for your specific role within the high reliability journey.

Demonstrated Results

Well-focused high reliability initiatives can yield tremendous returns in a variety of ways for your patients, staff and brand. What have our clients been able to achieve? Here are a few of their most celebrated achievements:

  • 70% reduction in falls
  • 68% improvement in nursing retention
  • 54% reduction in post-surgical site infections
  • 25% reduction in room cleaning times which reduced care delays

What are you looking to achieve? Connect with us and see what we can accomplish together.