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High Reliability Healthcare

Data Driven Insights and Aha Moments in the Pursuit of Zero Harm and High Reliability Healthcare.

Introducing High Reliability Healthcare: The Blog


Annemarie BenedictoBy Annemarie Benedicto, MPP, MPH
Vice President, Center for Transforming Healthcare

For almost 10 years, the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare has singularly focused on the mission of transforming health care into a high reliability industry.  We’ve spent that time studying what high reliability has meant in other industries — like nuclear power and commercial aviation — and translating those concepts and lessons into meaningful tools, training programs and thought leadership for hospital leaders, physicians, nurses and other providers.

We’ve seen what works — and what doesn’t. Of course, if it was easy to identify what works and apply it across the healthcare spectrum, every organization would have zero patient safety events. Our work is just getting started! On behalf of the team at the Center for Transforming Healthcare and our colleagues across the Joint Commission enterprise, we’re proud to announce the launch of this new blog – High Reliability Healthcare. 

In this space, we plan to share thoughts, lessons learned, questions and observations related to our mission and work to transform health care into a high reliability industry. We will voice what we observe from our vantage point and will share what we’re seeing out in the world as others continue on their high reliability journey.  We hope that you’ll find these blogs valuable in your own process improvement work and we look forward to hearing about your experiences in high reliability. 

Tangible Results

Since 2008, we’ve collaborated with health care organizations to tackle some of the most challenging and persistent health care quality issues such as:

  • preventing falls

  • improving hand hygiene

  • eliminating wrong-site surgeries 

We’ve worked with others to document over and over how the application of Robust Process Improvement – a blended methodology of Lean Six Sigma and formal Change Management – allows organizations to set their sights on zero harm and actually achieve it. It’s an exciting time in healthcare as the potential of high reliability health care is being realized more and more by a small number of health care organizations across the country. 


Anne Marie Benedicto is the vice president of the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare. She is an expert in Robust Process Improvement (RPI®) and high reliability methods applied to health care clinical and business processes. Benedicto was previously the chief of staff and executive vice president of support operations for The Joint Commission from 2008 through 2015. In that role, she was integral to the building of the company’s internal RPI® program, a systematic, data-driven methodology that incorporates Lean Six Sigma and formal change management. She also led the organization’s first RPI® training within a health care facility. In addition, she directed Center operations from 2008 through 2013, overseeing the development of solutions sets for hand hygiene, hand-off communications and wrong site surgery, and the design of electronic applications such as the Targeted Solutions Tool (TST®). Prior to joining The Joint Commission, Benedicto was the administrator for both the Office for Excellence in Patient Care at the Mount Sinai Medical Center and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine Department of Health Policy. She also held finance-related positions at the New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation, including reimbursement director for Bellevue Hospital Center. Most recently, Benedicto was assistant vice president of hospital operations at Montefiore Medical Center in New York.