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Facilitating Change™


The Center discusses its Facilitating Change™ tools and services for performance improvement, safety control, and quality related to healthcare and patient safety to assist with implementation of error prevention and high reliability.

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The Facilitating Change program is used for healthcare organizations leadership training, High Reliability Training, process improvement training, internal marketing, branding, and more. It’s an investment into leaders and their teams to develop vibrant improvement and safety cultures that are essential to high reliability transformation.

This model is not a linear, step-by-step process, but rather a continuous flow of communication, discussion, participation and action from people who will be affected by the change and those who effect change. Each component in the model is chock-full of tools and techniques to build acceptance and accountability for change.

The need for change is certainly there. A recent Center survey of 1,050 health care professionals revealed that 11% of health care professionals say they don’t have the tools and training to help their workplace achieve zero harm. Only 49% of respondents strongly agree they have the resources they need to help their workplace achieve drastic reductions in harm and only 47% strongly agree they personally have what they need to safely care for patients.

Organizational transformation is not easy. Reaching Zero is hard. Does that mean it’s not worth resources and investment? Will five years of the status quo make change easier? Change is uncomfortable! But imagine what your organization would look like if 20 percent of your employees saw improvement in the way they work every day? How about 50 percent? Or 80 percent?

Our team of nationally recognized experts can implement the Facilitating Change program to help you apply state-of-the-art Robust Process Improvement (RPI) methods to tackle your own operational, quality, and safety challenges. That’s how we’ve built an unmatched suite of solutions — from online tools to on-site training programs — that help you effectively improve on the leadership, safety culture, and improvement challenges in your organization that block progress on the path to zero harm. Our solutions are also tailored so that gains made are sustained over the long term, a hallmark of highly reliable organizations.

People, processes and technology can help healthcare organizations transform into high reliability organizations or greatly hinder their progress. Building an RPI tool set, including formal change management, in my experience, has proved effective in helping healthcare organizations advance on their transformational journey to high reliability.

Mike King is a Black Belt at the Center for Transforming Healthcare

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