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TST Hand Hygiene Observations Have Gone MOBILE


By John Cullinan
Director, Application Development and Data Analysis
The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare

Great news for current and prospective TST Hand Hygiene users: You can now record your hand hygiene observations on any mobile device. The Targeted Solutions Tool® (TST®) is an innovative application that guides health care organizations through a step-by-step process to accurately measure their organization’s actual performance, identify their barriers to excellent performance, and direct them to proven solutions that are customized to address their particular barriers.

Health care organizations that are using the Targeted Solutions Tool for Hand Hygiene have:

  • decreased health care-associated infections

  • increased hand hygiene compliance in 12 short weeks

It’s arguable that hand hygiene has never been as important as it is now, with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) attributing 1 in 10 deaths to flu. 

Hand Hygiene 2.0

We’re very excited for this development. As you know, mobile devices have become more and more prevalent and accepted in the healthcare environment.  Mobile devices allow for healthcare solutions to be more user-friendly and accessible.  In 2017, the Center partnered with a group of accredited organizations to develop an application that allows you to record hand hygiene observations on your phone or tablet.  Initial reaction and adoption by organizations has been very positive, so we wanted to get the word out to all of our TST users.  

The new TST Hand Hygiene Mobile application:

  • eliminates completion of the paper observation form and the paper form data entry

  • streamlines mobile data entry process to minimize the number of clicks and keystrokes

  • records observations directly to the specific project without delay

  • recognizes the screen size of your device (phone, tablet or laptop) and adjusts itself to best fit the screen you are using

Utilize the TST Hand Hygiene Mobile application from Google Play or the Apple App Store in one of several ways:

  • Search for Targeted Solutions Tool in either store

  • You can also access the Hand Hygiene Mobile application from the link on the bottom of the page. This option gives you the data entry benefits without downloading the app to a device. You can also use this method to enter observations with a laptop or to record them on the paper form.

 To use the Hand Hygiene Mobile application you will need:

  • A TST login and password

  • A network connection your device can access

The Hand Hygiene Mobile application is a new and easy way to record hand hygiene observations and improve performance, but it’s not the only way. The paper form is still and will remain available. This option gives you the data entry benefits without downloading the app to a device. You can also use this method to enter observations with a laptop or to record them on the paper form.

If you have any questions or recommendations concerning the Hand Hygiene Mobile application, please send an email to 


John Cullinan is director of data analytics and applications at The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare. He is responsible for the development and implementation of the Center’s for Transforming Healthcare’s Targeted Solution Tools to allow accredited organizations to identify barriers and implement solutions to important healthcare issues such as hand hygiene, wrong site surgery, hand-off communication and preventing falls. Cullinan has been with the Joint Commission since 1996 holding various management positions prior to assuming his current position in 2009.  Prior to the Joint Commission, Mr. Cullinan had 20 years’ experience in IT project management in the interstate natural gas pipeline and life insurance industries.