• ,,The American College of Surgeons recognizes and prizes collaboration with quality improvement groups like the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare. Working with the Center has been a priority for us in identifying how we can improve the care provided to surgical patients.,,

    Cliff Ko, - MD, FACS - - American College of Surgeons

  • ,,Transforming health care means taking what we have done, looking at it in a new way, taking it in a new direction, and rather than making incremental improvement, making revolutionary improvement.,,

    Brian Regan, - PhD - - New York Presbyterian Healthcare System

  • ,,We will know if we have been successful with the hand hygiene initiative when we see the culture begin to change in our organizations. I hope that we will see people reminding each other to wash their hands, and those reminders will not be interpreted as punitive, but instead as teamwork.,,

    Beth Lanham, - BSN, RN - - Froedtert Hospital

  • ,,Ultimately, what we would like to see the Hand-Off Communications project accomplish is improved patient safety, improved patient satisfaction, and improved satisfaction of the people giving and accepting hand offs.,,

    Ann Weinacker, - MD - - Stanford University Medical Center

  • ,,We pride ourselves on quality services, so we wanted the community to see that we had The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approvalâ„¢. ,,

    Anne-Claire France, - PhD, CPHQ - - Memorial Hermann Healthcare System